I travel with a big suitcase, which I cannot put on a bike. What can I do?

We can store your suitcase and your belongings during your trip, with no extra cost.

Your full insurance covers the damages to third parties, to the bike, and the driver is covered as well. What about the passenger?

According to the law, it is compulsory for insurance companies to cover the passenger a of any vehicle. Consequently, both driver and passenger are covered.

Vignette for motorways in Switzerland, what about France
In France, you do not need any vignette : if you take the motorways, you take a ticket when you get on, and you pay when you exit at the toll gate.
You can pay by credit card at the tool gate. Just avoid the lanes that are not for motorcycles, as you will pay the car's rate that is more expensive.
In Switzerland, there are no toll gates on the motorways, you have to buy a vignette (40 CHF), from any Swiss gas station, and stick it on the bike. Please do not stick it on painted parts, windshield, or where the suspension seals might be damaged.
If you are lucky enough, one of the previous customer will have bought it for the bike.
The GPS is helpful to avoid the motorways, and then you do not have to pay anything.
How to use the GPS is part of rider’s briefing.