Satisfaction and safety of our customers is our priority.

This is why each motorcycle delivered to our customers goes through a series of rigorous controls that meet Moto-Plaisir and manufacturer's specifications.

To always ensure the best possible experience, driver and passenger  are briefed to start the ride with confidence.

The setup charge is for the these operations that ensure the quality of service Moto Plaisir.

Controls and operations performed at each rental (non exhaustive list):

  •      Checking the oil level, top up if necessary
  •      Coolant level, top up if necessary
  •      Brake fluid level, top up if necessary
  •      Monitoring the wear of the brake pads
  •      Checking tire pressure
  •      Checking the tire, anticipated change if necessary
  •      Lighting control
  •      Control and brake control clutch
  •      Road test
  •      Washing / drying the motorbike
  •      Cleaning of luggage cases
  •      Driver and passenger briefing

            - Handling of the bike and its equipment

            - Handling of GPS

            - Questions/Answer

All along the rental, we remain at your disposal if you have any question or if assistance is needed.

50% discount on setup charge for 5 and 6 days rentals.

Free setup charge for 7 days rentals or more.