Gex & Val de Joux

1 day loop around the pays de Gex, and Val de Joux
Visited places : Le Salève,  Bellegarde, Vallée de Joux, Geneva.

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Gex & Val de Joux

Distance : 296 km

On the road : 5h54


We start directly on Salève mountain to gain altitude. Up there, we will be able to see our destination, on the other side of Lake Geneva.

Avoid Cruseilles by the north, you reach Bellegarde passing the "défilé de l'écluse", a lock separating Ain and Haute-Savoie department.

Cross the Rhone and Bellegarde to reach the country of Gex.

The route go across Switzerland. Make sure you have all the necessary documents.

Direction Lélex, Mijoux, St Cergues, the pass of the Givrine.

It just comes down to the lake in Nyon and Rolle to borrow then the valley of Amburnex.

At the end of the valley turn left towards the Brassus, then along to the Lac de Joux.

We cross the Col du Mollendruz to head to the beautiful medieval city of Romainmôtier. You can stop for a drink in the center of the village and enjoy the abbey church whose foundations date from the seventh century.

It returns to the Lac de Joux through Vaulion, but on the north side this time to Le Brassus.

It crosses the Marchairuz a beautiful descent to Lake Geneva.

We joined the shore shortly before Nyon to Geneva for long.
Updated : 8/10/2020

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