3 days motorbike tour in Beaujolais View larger

3 days motorbike tour in Beaujolais

3 days motorbike tour in Beaujolais.

Explore the famous Beaujolais Vineyards !

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3 days of motorcycle to the Beaujolais

Day 1

Distance: 266 km

Running time: 6:03

Day 2

Distance: 212 km

On the road: 4:44

Day 3

Distance: 261 km

On the road: 5:18

Period: March to November.

Recommended period: October-November for the beautiful fall colors of the vineyards.

Day 1:

We pick up the rental motorbikes at the Annemasse railway station, and we head towards the Salève to gain altitude.

We arrive at Cruseilles and head up slightly towards the north and then west across the motorway to Frangy then Seyssel.

We climb the Grand Colombier, then descend towards Ain, the Col de la Lebe and then Hauteville-Lompnes.

Shortly after Corlier, we leave the main road onto the Pass of Montratier to join Jujurieux and Ambronay.

Shortly before St-Denis-en-Bugey, we go west towards the Dombes and its multiple ponds: Chalamont, Villars-les-Dombes Ambérieux-en-Dombes.

We keep west across Villefranche-sur-Saone, then on the first curves of Beaujolais.

A small detour to the west before joining Fleurie via the Col de la Croix Montmain, Col de la Pierre Plate and the Col de la Croix Rose, will give you a teaser of the next day.

Accomodation in the Hotel des Grands Vins in Fleurie. Info and reservations: http://www.hoteldesgrandsvins.com/, tel: 04 74 69 81 43

Day 2:

We leave Fleurie to the north to join the famous Solutré in through the Col de la Siberie, Col de Gerbey, Col de la Grange du Bois .

It bypasses the Roche de Solutré by the north,then through Serrières, and Col du Grand Vent.

It is possible to climb the "Signal de la Mère Boitier", the highest point of the mountains of Macon.

It then passes through the Col de Carcan, Cenves, then west to St. Mamert, and we are in the High Beaujolais.

It continues south-west towards Chenelette, Ranchal, Thel, Mardore.

We go around Thizy, then south, south-east and then east towards St-Jean-la-Bussière, Col du Pilou, Valsonne, St. Clement Valsonne.

It then goes north to the Bois-d'Oingt and Oingt, in the middle of vineyards. Stop by and enjoy the Oingt golden stones which are built most of the houses.

It continues north and west by the Col du Chêne, Col du Joncin, the Col de la Croix Papin.

At Chambost-Allières, we start north to Lamure-sur-Azergues before curving towards Claveisolles.

We are close to the Col de la Casse Froide, Saint-Didier-sur-Beaujeu, Beaujeau, before returning to the Col du Fut Avenas.

You can stop right after the Terrace of Beaujolais, for a drink or lunch with a beautiful view or buy wine at the terrace Chiroubles.

We return to Fleurie through Villié-Morgon and Chiroubles.

Day 3:

To return to Haute-Savoie, we go east by secondary road to the town center of Bourg-en-Bresse. We pass the Royal Monastery of Brou, and its magnificent Gothic church.

We keep going east to Serrières-sur-Ain, to go along the Ain up to Chancia, and along the Bienne to St. Claude.

Just after St-Claude it is possible to see the waterfall "Queue de Cheval". A one hour for the round walk from Chaumont.

The road continues to Flument gorges, through the Natural Park of Haut Jura.

Around Mijoux it heads south along the Valserine.

From Bellegarde we can go on to Annemasse shorter or continue the ride, passing on the left bank of the Rhone, which bypasses the Salève through Cruseilles.

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