Covid-19 : Travel information and health pass.

Covid-19 : Travel information and health pass.

Moto-Plaisir has taken several measures that will enable to welcome you in improved hygienic and safety conditions.

Hydroalcoolic gel will be available for our customers, and we have set new sanitization of our facilities and material.

We also have created tools for social distancing, with no compromise on the quality of our service.

Below some information and links to know the conditions of your trip in Europe or Switzerland.

We will update this page when we receive new information.

You are welcome to book your motorcycle : you can postpone your trip or ask for a refund in case of new restrictions.

10th May update :

Travel to France :

The EU is currently working on a health pass that will enable travelers to move freely with the UE.

This pass should be implemented by mid of June. It will require a proof of vaccination, a PCR test or a proof of Covid-19 recovery. Make sure you fulfill the latest conditions by the date of your travel.

Here is a useful link for travels in France :

Travel to Switzerland :

Switzerland has listed “high risk countries”, a quarantine is required if you come from one of these countries.

This list is updated regularly.

Depending on how your travel (by plane, car, train…) entry form and negative PCR can be required.